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Artist Background

Gilbert Sutherland is a contemporary printmaker from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, but is currently living and working in Canton, Ohio. Inspired by his own struggles with mental illness, Gilbert’s work acts as a conduit for an intimate conversation with the viewer about the subject.


Gilbert’s work also exhibits a deep-rooted fascination with microbiology. This fascination is displayed especially strong in the forms that comprise his pieces, forms colored with vibrant and lively hues that correspond with the emotions shown in the works. The shapes within them create a silhouette of the artist’s own body displayed in various poses to accentuate the emotional tone of the work.


Gilbert is a recent graduate from Kent State University where he earned his MFA degree in Printmaking, alongside his MFA exhibition “Metanoia”. Prior to studying at KSU, he earned his Master of Art degree and Bachelor of Art degree from Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky.


Gilbert’s work has been shown in the “Art Biologic” exhibition at the Limner Gallery in New York, as well as in the “Dissent” SGCI exhibition and print exchange with Ohio University.

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